Renée Levi / Dino Zrnec



September – November 2018


Brucknerstrasse 6/1a,

A-1040 Vienna


Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday 13h – 18h, Saturday 11h – 16h


From September, Vin Vin will move to Brucknerstrasse 6 to operate as "VIN VIN at RUYTER", in a 350sq meter space located in the center of Vienna that also functions as the studio of Francis Ruyter.


VIN VIN at RUYTER will reopen on 11 September to present the work of Renée Levi and Dino Zrnec, both of whom use the language of painting to push against the limitations of the over-determined situation of a white cube gallery space.


Renée Levi’s work has an urgency that is reflected in the speed of her mark-making, and it’s effectiveness at completely transforming the scale of a room in what seems like a matter of seconds. This work is

anti-representation to a large degree, autonomy is the ultimate goal of Renée Levi’s work; something standing by and for itself, this need expressed and underscored in vivid, unmixed color and materials.


Dino Zrnec’s spatial interventions make a similar attempt to undermine the hierarchy of painting, on canvas, on support, on wall, in room, via a mise en scène that finds representational value in all material surrounding and including his artworks. His urgency is located in a careful optimization of these circumstances within which he turns technical mistakes into a gestural toolbox.


Renée Levi (b. 1960, Istanbul) lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.


She had solo exhibitions at The Swiss Institute New York (1997), Kunsthalle Basel (1999), Mamco Musée d'art moderne et contemporain Genève (2000), Museum Folkwang Essen (2003), Kunsthaus Graz (2005), Kunstmuseum Thun (2008), Le Crédac, Centre d’Art Contemporain d’Ivry/Paris (2011) among others; group exhibitons include Kunstverein Munich (2015), Galerie Freymond-Guth Fine Arts Basel (2017). Upcoming: Museum Langmatt Baden (2019).


Awards: Swiss Prize for graphic print (2018), Prize Meret Oppenheim, BAK Bundesamt für Kultur (2002), Manor Art Prize (1997), Prize of Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation (1995), Prize of Basler Kunstvereins (1990).


Renée Levi works in close cooperation with Marcel Schmid.


Dino Zrnec (b. 1983, Zagreb) has exhibited previously with VIN VIN, in Vienna and at MiArt, Milan. He studied in Zagreb and Vienna and had solo exhibitions at Kunsthaus Graz Project Space (2014), Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (2016), and he was awarded with the 2015 edition of Radoslav Putar Award dedicated to young Croatian artists.


Vin Vin at Ruyter is an ongoing collaboration between

Vincenzo Della Corte and

Francis Ruyter.


Vincenzo Della Corte is a former orchestral conductor born in Naples and living in Vienna since 2008. In March 2016 he opened Vin Vin in a basement in the city center showing international and local emerging artists. Vin Vin participated in Miart Milan 2017, Vienna Contemporary 2017, and Not Fair, Warsaw 2017.


Francis Ruyter is an artist born in Washington and was a co-founder of Team Gallery in New York City. He moved to Vienna in 2003 to open Galerie Ruyter, which exhibited artists such as Lisa Beck, Cecily Brown, Anne Eastman, Justine Kurland, Slater Bradley, Katherine Bernhardt, Paul P., Lotte Lyon, Brice Dellsperger, Herwig Weiser and David Benjamin Sherry. Ruyter’s own work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in many public collections including MoMA (NYC), San Francisco MoMA, and the Denver Art Museum in the USA, Sammlung Essl, Belvedere and Museum der Moderne Salzburg in Austria, Le Consortium in Dijon, and Collectión Jumex in Mexico.


Image: Renée Levi, performance at Freymond-Guth Fine Arts Basel

© Dorian Sari