Myles Starr


Myles Starr ( *1987 in New York; lives and works in New York City, NY, USA) studied Economics and Asian Studies at CUNY Baccaleureate Program, City College of New York. He completed his degree in sculpture with Heimo Zobernig at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna in 2020.

Selected solo exhibitions:


Brushes, Ve.sch, Vienna (AT) 

Aves - Vögel - Birds, Intersect Aspen, VIN VIN, Colorado (USA) 

Wilde, VIN VIN, Vienna (AT)

El Techo de Senederos que se Bifurican, Pagoda Imaginaria, Guatemala City (GTM)


Fridge Paintings, New Entries, VIN VIN, Artissima, Turin (IT)

The Name of the Rose, VIN VIN, Vienna (AT)


Shlomo Kokedusky Chorizo Connecticut, NO SPACE, Mexico City (MEX)

Selected group exhibitions:


Participation in collaboration with Paulina Semkowicz, Haus Wien, Vienna (AT)

Foster, Vienna (AT)


Über das Neue. Junge Szenen in Wien, curation of SORT’s Framers (Idle Hands) contribution, Belvedere 21, Vienna (AT)

Ballad of Anna Hoatn, Vienna (AT)

315 Gallery, Gallery Galerie Galería, New York (USA)


Ambergris, Courtyard Space, Vienna (AT)

Gap, Petralka (BL)

En Plein Aire, Studioli, Rome (IT)

The Eventuality Dispenser, Moonomatic at Fettes College, Edinburgh (GBR)


Worry Stone, Mauve, Vienna (AT)

The Hamptons, The Beach, Sylt (DE)

Limbus, Atelierhaus Klingental, Basel (CH)

Ground Score, Skulptur Institut, Vienna (AT)


Superstructure, Austria Sculpture Park, Graz (AT)

New Economy, Temporary Troja Transnational Office, Braunschweig (DE)


BAE Antes que nadie, Yautepec Gallery, Mexico City (MEX)

Biennial de Oxxo, 996, Guadalajara (MEX)