Renée Levi / Dino Zrnec

VIN VIN at Ruyter

12 September – 24 November 2018

Featured on:
Emily Watlington on Mousse Magazine

Renéè Levi / Dino Zrnec

Renée Levi’s work has an urgency that is reflected in the speed of her mark-making, and it’s effectiveness at completely transforming the scale of a room in what seems like a matter of seconds. This work is anti-representation to a large degree, autonomy is the ultimate goal of Renée Levi’s work; something standing by and for itself, this need expressed and underscored in vivid, unmixed color and materials.  

Dino Zrnec’s spatial interventions make a similar attempt to undermine the hierarchy of painting, on canvas, on support, on wall, in room, via a mise en scène that finds representational value in all material surrounding and including his artworks. His urgency is located in a careful optimization of these circumstances within which he turns technical mistakes into a gestural toolbox.