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12 May – 24 June 2016

You can have coffee beans delivered home every Monday, like Evergood or Friele or Meinl Kaffee. You can set up a subscription online for other things you need. Detergents and wet wipes. Keep your baby’s butt clean. What’s more contemporary than a newborn? Be in the moment. Be on the telephone. Get up early and do nothing. Or get enough sleep. Keep that sandcastle body up. Use conditioner. Eat breakfast. You could add cereals to that subscription, and have cornflakes delivered with DHL or UPS or USPS or Österreichische Post. Spring time again. Back pain. Mom’s birthday. Keep up with new technology and new times, and your neighbor’s gardening. Buy a new calendar. Pay bills. Make lunch. Arrange alternate slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese on a serving platter. Have another coffee. Vacuum clean. Wipe the new dust off your things. Homemaking never gets old. Be quick. Get out in nature on your bicycle. Have it decorated with decal stickers that say «Christian-Bale-American-Psycho-Workout», or «Laaanc Armstorng», or «Financial Times Northern European Skin Colour». Wait for another FedEx or package. Maybe a new pair of black socks. Drink a red bull before bed and vibrate.