Hannahlisa Kunyik - Great Wall Something

8 March – 5 April 2019

A film in cooperation with Kilian Immervoll

Artist Talk with Diedrich Diederichsen: 20 March, 7 pm

Hannahlisa Kunyik in collaboration with Kilian Immervoll 

"Great Wall Something"

For Jiankou, a section of the Great Wall near Beijing, the access is not permitted. However, this section of the wall is one of the most photographed touristic motifs of today’s China. It is framed by an impressive fraud industry that can lure even experienced travelers to remote places in order to demand to pay horrendous return costs. Anyone who manages to follow that route to Jiankou nevertheless, a trip that is recommended by some travel guides, will become a witness of one of the most breathtaking landscape interventions ever.

During her BKA-Residency in Shanghai in 2016 Hannahlisa Kunyik made a trip through China that also brought her to Jiankou Village. She created a series of works - experiments and investigations, reflections on myths about borders and national sovereignty - based on the fascination for the place, the landscape, and the sculpturality of the wall, its history [its creation, its decay, and reconstruction] as well as the bodily engagement that is required when walking the Great Wall. The core of the exhibition is the work Great Wall Something (2019), a film in collaboration with Kilian Immervoll. 

The cinema version of Great Wall Something is also selected for this year's edition of Crossing Europe Filmfestival in Linz.