Danielle Pamp

Danielle Pamp (*1991 in Stockholm, Sweden)

Using material from her personal experiences, Danielle Pamp create narratives about gender identity and queer identities, childhood, upbringing, religious structures, the nuclear family, relations, mental illness, traumas, and what they mean for human existence in general. She want to express a sense of personal catastrophe while at the same time aim at a more general humanizing perspective. An angle that is so personal so that it takes on a general relatable form, always present with an existential atmosphere. 

Her works also take on art-historical resonances. For example, by creating a documentary scene, and playing with the characters’ ’timeless’ look, it can seem as though putting time ”out of joint” fills a logical function for her project and agenda. This is an attempt to ’rehistoricise’ or produce alternative forms of historical storytelling, since some of the identities she try to represent have been excluded from art-history (queer, gay, transgender, alternative forms of ’male’ and ’female’ expression, etc). This disrupts bourgeois painting’s ’embellished’ concept of normality, which is reinforced in most of the works of traditional oil painting.